Here you will find Brendan's Irish music backing tracks. The tracks are primarily in the folk and ballad genre and the aim is to provide tracks of well loved Irish songs past and present. As the saying goes "If you do sing a song sing an Irish song". The Irish are noted for their singsongs and the craic.
The instrumentation on the tracks is based on the instruments traditionally used in the performance of the song but may include some modern instruments where appropriate .A typical Irish folk band line up would be Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Accordion (commonly known as the box).  Tin Whistle, Fiddle, Tenor Banjo, 5String Banjo, Mandolin.All tracks are recorded to the highest standard possible and are in mp3 format. Keys and tempos can be altered with suitable software, such as Stage Tracks which is the industry software standard for playing backing tracks on   i Pads or i Phones. All Tracks are from the written melody which ensures the bar count is correct therefore gaps between verses and choruses are uniform. This makes the track easier to sing to. Enjoy the tracks. 

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